I am interested in myth, mythology, archetypes, reality and the relationes, which take place among them. In my pictures I am trying to get directly to the subconsciousness, making use of subthreshold reception of the form, I want to evoke interest in the substans
Project Dante (1998-2006) is the amplification of one of the plots of my early project 'Zeitgeist'. Originally I have been working on the explicit illustration of Dante’s 'Divine Comedy', but writing his best-known poem Dante put an end to visual literature and let us place hell in the categories of allegory and plot. His description of the world was clear, he deeply characterized evil and described the ways to fight it. There is no longer hell like that, it has come to the earth and lost its sense. The journey to the other world became a metaphor of a man’s inward life Project Zeitgeist (1997-98) is based on the works of seven philosophers, or more generally theosophy-philosophical schools, searching for the way to depict God. Mystic systems created by those schools were accomplishing the neoplatonic idea of the return to the unity with God - either through cabbalistic contemplations, alchemy or classical mnemonics techniques
Project Live Tarot (1996-99) tells about the myth originating process, it shows how it happens that an individual experience becomes the description of reality. The idea of climbing the rungs of the inner evolution ladder in order to free soul form material ties is widespread in many Gnostic trends. It has placed itself for good in our post-Freudian epoch. Myths deal with stories which occured in the past and occur now and ever, every time and place - but we shouldn’t take symbolic descriptions for reality nor depicted events for individual experiences
Twelve Fruits (1996), works devoted to the Tree. The Tree, which thanks to magical procedures, changes from an ordinary object into a subject of worship. In the metaforical stratum I ilustrate the customary way of creating the religion according to all the obligatory rules. Rules, which were modified, the civilisation being developed, their purpose, however, has not been changed
Project Corpus Hermeticum  (1998) is based on The Emarald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus

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