tarot, Kabbalah, Qabala, Cabalah, The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, The moon, Mercury, Venus, The sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, The Primum Mobile; Piccarda Donati, and Souls whose Vows had been Broken, The Host of Myriad Glowing Souls, Charles Martel addresses Dante and Beatrice, The Rings of Glowing Souls, Dante and Beatrice translated to the Sphere of Mars, The Soul of Cacciaguida speaks of Florence, The Blessed Souls circling to form Letters, The Blessed Souls forming an Eagle in the Sky, The Angels descending the Heavenly Ladder, St. John examines Dante concerning Love, The Heavenly Host sing Gloria in Excelsis, The Sparkling Circles of the Heavenly Host, The Saintly Throng in the Form of a Rose
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